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Should You Catcall Her?

Playboy publishes something worthwhile. I approve.

This is actually retarded

why do you think so? just curious. why is this a “slow”, or behind, i guess, post. considering that is what you defined retarded as, ill say that. why is this post less advanced (slower) than saying, sure! its fine to just yell at a woman, “i want you fuck you you slut!” ? @rape-and-pillaging-the-internet

I’m like 99.9% sure that doesn’t hurt any one.

Because the people who do this already know it’s disrespectful and they don’t care yet this magazine pushes this condescending little graphic anyway. Let’s see how much catcalling slows down because playboy pushed this crap.

Story Time: I went to the store with my friend and this lesbian (I assume she could’ve been Bi or Pan) kept harassing me. She followed me for five minutes asking for my number and telling me how great my ass looked to her despite me telling her I’m straight and uninterested and she only stopped when I started getting huffy. From what I hear it’s not uncommon behavior for women to do this as well yet this is aimed at men as it always is. That’s another problem with this it should be a gender neutral message if it’s one you must push.

There is no holy life. There is no war between good and evil. There is no sin and no redemption. None of these things matter to the real you. But they all matter hugely to the false you, the one who believes in the separate self. You have tried to take your separate self, with all its loneliness and anxiety and pride, to the door of enlightenment. But it will never go through, because it is a ghost.
Deepak Chopra (via purplebuddhaproject)
Except you can’t show a topless woman on TV - and you can’t defibrillate a woman in a bra. So victims of heart attacks on TV are always male. Did you know that a woman having a heart attack is more likely to have back or jaw pain than chest or left arm pain? I didn’t - because I’ve never seen a woman having a heart attack. I’ve been trained in CPR and Advanced First Aid by the Red Cross over 15 times in my life, the videos and booklets always have a guy and say the same thing about clutching his chest and/or bicep.

And people laugh when I tell them women are still invisible in this world.


re: feministing - for women, heart attacks look different

Things I did not know, but should.

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This is a post that might save a life. 

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My mom worked for 25 years as an ER nurse and is convinced that a lot of women die simply because folks only know heart attack symptoms that occur in males. 

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Society thinks our bodies are so scandalous that it’s better to put our lives at risk than to show us how to stay safe

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A friend of mine was having a cardiac episode recently, and it began with jaw pain. I had never heard of this before, and god help us, she had to explain to me how cardiac events present in women WHILE HAVING ONE. (I didn’t disbelieve her, I just had idea what the jaw pain meant.)

She is fine now. But if your heart is failing, I suspect you have better things to do than explain to your slow but well-meaning friend the symptoms of a heart attack in women.

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For some time I have come to the conclusion that the grave deficiency in the current output and thinking of our libertarians and “classical liberals” is an enormous blind spot when it comes to big business. There is a tendency to worship Big Business per se… and a corollary tendency to fail to realize that while big business would indeed merit praise if they won that bigness on the purely free market, that in the contemporary world of total neo-mercantilism and what is essentially a neo-fascist “corporate state,” bigness is a priori highly suspect [sic, ‘is guilty’], because Big Business most likely [sic, ‘most assuredly’] got that way through an intricate and decisive network of subsidies, privileges, and direct and indirect grants of monopoly protection.

Murray Rothbard

Looks like he may have been starting to get it.

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Market anarchists, like all anarchists, start from the assumption of ordinary people encountering each other as equals, and deciding without coercion how best to work together to meet their mutual needs. This may be by exchanging the products of their labor, by producing cooperatively or by sharing. The main thing, as anarchist David Graeber has argued, is that whatever forms of organization emerge will do so through an open-ended process of interaction among equals, in which no party can call on armed force to compel others to obey their will.
The Role of Commons in a Free Market (via amerikanskan)

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