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velvetnostril asked:

Im having alot of trouble with trust overall in my life. Trusting peoples' word, trusting that they even like me, trusting myself. I wondered if you have any ideas on how I can summit this inner mountain, I've really been enjoying your blog and Im pretty new to it, but you seem great and I am thankful you exist! So thanks in advance friend!


Thanks lovely soul!

I feel like you’re holding on to soooo much; your energy feels heavy. The reason why you have a hard time trusting people is because you don’t truly trust yourself as you’ve mentioned. Life/the universe is reflecting this back to you. I want you to stop trying to trust what is outside of you, and just be. Surrender and Let go. Start trusting you, and you alone. It can be hard to trust people with so many opposing energies out there, but in my book everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Start giving yourself a chance by making actions from your heart and soul. Always trust your heart; it is your inner compass. During the times when you feel as though you’ve made a wrong decision by following your heart because the outcome didn’t fall within your favor, know that the heart is leading you to the right path regardless.This is the only way towards true happiness, and a peace of mind. And please do not mistaken your emotions as messages from your heart/soul. We must go passed the emotions to hear the whispers of our inner core. Meditation can help you with this. Within the quiet stillness we can feel, and hear our soul shouting the answers we seek. 

Although comparing women and men who are in fact comparable is not easy to do, when you look at women and men who are similar on multiple factors, the sex differential in pay shrinks drastically and gets close to the vanishing point. In some categories, women earn more than men with the same range of characteristics.

If the 77 percent statistic was for real, employers would be paying 30 percent more than they had to, every time they hired a man to do a job that a woman could do just as well. Would employers be such fools with their own money? If you think employers don’t care about paying 30 percent more than they have to, just go ask your boss for a 30 percent raise!
Thomas Sowell on the ‘Statistical Fraud’ of the claim that women earn 77% of what men earn due to discrimination (via priceofliberty)

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When Washington outlawed alcohol, booze vanished overnight and everyone stopped drinking. Can anyone deny this? When Washington banned the use of cannabis, all of us made insane by Reefer Madness quit smoking dope, and today there is probably not a town in America in which one might buy a joint. Similarly, Washington made illegal the downloading of copyrighted music—which also stopped immediately. No one now has illegal music. Ask your adolescent daughter.

So with guns. They are small, easily smuggled, of high value to criminals and will be of higher value when only criminals have them, so it is virtually certain that they will vanish when the government says so.

Mexico, where I live, has stringent laws against guns, which have proved at least a partial success. Criminals have AKs, RPGs, and grenades, while nobody else has anything. That’s a partial success, isn’t it?

Fred Reed, The New Soviet Asylum (via anarchei)

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